Makers Empire for OC Maker Challenge participants

Makers Empire is the world’s most fun and easy to use 3D Engineering Design program; an all-in-one solution for effective planning, teaching and assessment.

We love the OC Maker Challenge, and are thrilled to offer all participating elementary schools a 3-month trial to help make 3D design more engaging and accessible for all elementary school students in Orange County.

Why Makers Empire?

The Makers Empire 3D design app is the world’s most fun and easy to use 3D design app. We’ve designed it specifically with younger learners in mind, so all students at your elementary school can participate.

Our Teacher Dashboard makes it easy to set up your classes, plan, monitor and assess students’ work, and it is great for remote learning.

Our award winning program is pedagogically proven and backed by research. It’s real fun and real learning!

Don’t take our word for it – read what Education Alliance Finland said about Makers Empire.

laptop computer showing Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard Class Progress Report

What you get

In addition to our existing library of high-quality teacher resources, easy online training and unparalleled support, we’re also offering OC Maker Challenge participants:

  • A free 90-day trial to Makers Empire school plan (full access for all teachers and students in your school)
  • A dedicated contact person with priority online and phone support 
  • An optional online training session for participating teachers
  • Special discounts on Maker Empire plans if your school chooses to purchase Makers Empire

How to get started with Makers Empire

Step 2.

Follow the quick start guides for OC Maker Challenge teachers and students.

Get the teacher guide

Get the student guide

Step 3.

Reach out if you need an extra hand. We’re here to help you succeed!

Please contact Rhiannon Hood for help getting set up, personalized training, tips with your particular OCMC project or any queries regarding purchasing Makers Empire.


phone: 858-285-8724


Do I need to know how to use CAD / 3D design software?

Not at all.

Teachers and students can start learning 3D design in minutes with Makers Empire 3D.

Most teachers like to complete the Basic Training tutorials before they run their first lesson with students, but that only takes about 10 minutes.

Learn more: What is the Training Lab?


How do I set up student accounts and prepare them to start making 3D designs?

Just follow the step-by-step teacher guide to get set up quickly. You can send the student guide to students and parents to help them get set up at home.


What devices can the Makers Empire 3D app be used with?

Makers Empire can be used on iPadiPhone, MacBooks, Windows computers and Android devices.

For extra help with Chrome Books, please see the link below:

How do I install Makers Empire 3D on my Chromebooks?


Can other teachers at my school be involved?

Yes absolutely.

Teachers can easily add other teachers to Makers Empire – there is no special admin access required.

Learn more: How do I add or remove teachers?


Can I keep using Makers Empire after my OC Maker Challenge project?

Sure thing – there is lots to do!

We have over 100 design missions which are perfect for remote learning and a library of over 150 lesson plans; plus you can create your own missions and lessons for your class with Makers Empire.

Students can visit Competition Arena to join in our monthly Design Thinking competition, Maze Mania to create 3D mazes to play and share (great for their spatial abilities), and Challenge Central to complete curriculum-aligned challenges.

Learn more: Using Makers Empire Beyond OCMC


How much is Makers Empire and how do I subscribe?

Makers Empire offers three tiers of plans, and we have limited time special offers OCMC schools:

Class Plan ($299/yr): 2 teacher accounts and up to 30 student accounts. Perfect for one or two individual teachers getting started with 3D Design at their school. OCMC Special – get 3 months FREE!

Maker Plan ($599/yr): 2 teacher accounts and unlimited student accounts. Perfect for specialist teachers who work with multiple classes at their school. OCMC Special – get 3 months FREE!

School Plan ($1,999/yr $999/yr): unlimited teacher and unlimited students accounts. Perfect for schools wanting to implement a school wide Engineering Design program. OCMC Special – SAVE $1000!

To upgrade from a free trial to a Makers Empire plan, simply visit, choose the plan that is right for you and follow the steps to pay online.


Are there any grants or funding support to help my school purchase Makers Empire?

Yes. Some funding sources you might like to look into include:

Career Technical Education Incentive Grant

Local Control and Accountability Plan