Makers Empire and Adelaide University Partner to deliver 3D Printing Prototyping Course

Following the successful prototyping with 3D printing short course, Makers Empire will be again partnering with the University of Adelaide to deliver a new 3D printing prototyping course for postgraduate students.

3D Print Prototyping Course

3D Print Prototyping is being offered in term 4 of 2019 at the North Terrace campus. It counts as 3 units towards a postgraduate degree.

In this course, students will be introduced to a basic overview of additive manufacturing technologies and the prototyping options available. They will acquire a firm grasp of modelling in 3D as well as providing the basis for the moral, ethical and legal arguments that currently face the 3D printing world. They will also explore the advances expected in the next five to ten years and the opportunities that await in the areas of bioprinting.

Course Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Classify, document and discuss different types of additive and subtractive manufacturing technology as per international standards.
  2. Explore, design and prototype parts for each type of mainstream additive manufacturing technology using various design software as per international standards.
  3. Comprehend and distinguish the difference between a 3D model, STL, and printer instruction as per international standards.
  4. Review, critique and adapt a maker business model based on successful and unsuccessful examples for a specific case study.
  5. Question and debate the legal, ethical and moral implications of 3D printing with reference to contemporary cases and common law precedents.
  6. Hypothesize and elaborate on the possible future directions of 3D printing based on the current research areas.

More Information

Full details of this course can be found at the Adelaide University website. The course is currently full. For more information, contact Mandi Dimitriadis at Makers Empire on mandi[at]

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