Makers Empire 3D design app introduces new Pro Training Lab, Video Room and commenting tools

The latest update of Makers Empire 3D design modelling software, Makers Empire 4.5.6, includes exciting new features designed to make the popular 3D design app even more educational and easy to use for students and teachers.

In addition to improved design lighting within the app, and faster loading time of designs in the gallery, we’re excited to share the following new tools and features. 

New-Look Training Lab

The former Training Lab housed a series of basic tutorials that got progressively more difficult. Basic tutorials were designed to show students how to create simple designs in the app in 3-6 steps.

The new-look Training Lab opens onto three doors:

  1. Video Room – new!
  2. Basic Training Lab  (the same as the old Training Lab)
  3. Pro Training Lab – new!

New Video Room

The new Video Room houses step-by-step, how-to-design videos for students narrated by student designers. 

This is a great way for students new to Makers Empire to see how designs are made before giving it a go themselves.

The Video Room currently houses three videos — maze, pencil topper and bag tag. We’ll be adding new videos regularly so be sure to check back.

New Pro Training Lab

The new Pro Training Lab (see photo at the top of this post) houses tutorials that teach users how to create more complicated designs in Shaper. Designs are created using more advanced controls and can involve up to 65 steps.

These fully guided, step-by step tutorials provide superior instruction, guidance and support for students.

New Commenting Tools 

Comments within Makers Empire help to create a positive online community.

  • App users can now decide who comments on their designs via in-app account settings – users can choose to allow comments from everyone, people I follow or nobody.  
  • App users can now upvote/downvote comments by hearting or broken-hearting individual comments.  
  • App users can now block specific users from commenting on their designs.
  • App users can continue to delete unwanted comments on their designs by clicking on the bin icon.

Better Attribution of Designs

Makers Empire users can ‘sell’ and ‘buy’ designs for in-app tokens (not real money). When they do so, they might then adapt or change the original design. 

When this happens, our improved attribution feature will display the original designer’s name first under the design title, followed by any subsequent designers’ names. 

New Colour Special Effects

While users could previously customise the colours in their Shaper designs, the actual colours were always solid. 

Our new special effects like mirror, metallic and magma — see below left — can be applied to any individual colour in Shaper to make designs even more eye-catching. 


New Reporting Tools

Makers Empire is committed to maintaining a safe and supportive design community. To help achieve this, we’ve updated our Acceptable Content Policy and created new reporting tools so users can report:

  • Designs
  • Users
  • Mazes
  • Missions

New Apple Sign In

Makers Empire now allows users to sign in with their Apple login credentials. 

This new Apple sign-in is in addition to our current Google, Schoology, Clever and Microsoft integrations. 

New Karma Scores 

The heart score in a user’s profile used to be just the likes (hearts) on individual designs a user had achieved. 

We have now upgraded this to be a general ‘karma’ score that comprises both likes on designs and comments. 

This is present in a user’s profile and always visible under the user’s username in the top right hand corner of the app.

Feeling inspired? Download the latest update onto your computers or devices and start exploring these new tools and features today. You can update to the latest version of Makers Empire via your usual app store or via our site

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