How Prospect PS Students Created An Accessible Playground Using 3D Printing

Wondering how to use 3D printing as an authentic teaching tool in a primary, elementary or middle school environment?

Be inspired by students from a school in Australia who used it to help solve an accessibility issue within the school community.

Prospect Primary School was one of almost 50 South Australian schools who took part in the second phase of the Department of Education (SA)’s 3D Printing in Schools Project that ran in semester one this year. As part of this project, students were tasked with using Design Thinking to identify and solve a real-world need or problem within their school to do with sustainability.

After research and polling their peers, the students decided to create a design for a school playground that was accessible to all students at their school, including those with disabilities or sensory issues. This project involved finding out more about individual student’s needs so that they could design a playground that they could actually use.

Watch the school-made video to see the awesome learning achieved with this project:


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