Math Avatars delight at North Adelaide Primary School’s 3D printing information session

On 15th October, acting principal Rene Wavell of North Adelaide Primary School hosted a session for 30 educators to share their experiences with 3D printing using the Makers Empire Learning Program and Innovation Systems printer management service.

30+ teachers, librarians and principals from nearby schools attended the session, reflecting the growing interest in 3D printing at the primary school level. The CEO of the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD), Tony Harrison, was also in the audience.

The session started with Rene sharing her experience with 3D printing — from the year 1 students to the year 7s. Makers Empire then gave an overview of 3D printing and the Makers Empire Learning Program.

Thomas Keller, founder of the 3D Printing in SA Schools group, talked about his experience with 3D printing in high schools and wowed the audience with items his students had made this year — check out this chair:

Innovation Systems then talked about printing hardware and the fantastic service they provide to schools who want to print with minimal hassle!

Rene Wavell, acting principal North Adelaide Primary School, said, “North Adelaide Primary School was delighted to share with teachers, librarians and schools our experience in design and 3D printing to help students achieve learning outcomes. Attendees were very impressed with the possibilities and we look forward to helping students push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.”

Math avatars

One of the favourite stories of the afternoon came from North Adelaide Primary School teacher Margie.

Margie said that at the beginning of this year her year 2 class would cry when they had to do maths. So she thought up the idea that they could all have a maths “avatar” friend to help them on their maths journey. They initially just drew them on paper but when the 3D printers arrived they were able to model them and print them out.

North Adelaide primary school mathatars

She said the student engagement and excitement was extraordinary with the children having invented whole worlds where their avatars are friends and do things together like go to the movies. Students with learning difficulties could participate at a similar level as everyone else. Margie said that since the introduction of their maths avatars there have been no more math tears!

Check out these great math avatars:

Maths avatar: ‘Number man’!

Maths avatars: ‘Maths Dude’, ‘Mathomelia’, ‘Time Dude’!
Math avatars — v2


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