Makers Empire celebrates 1 million maze runs in 3D maze creator game after 4 weeks

We’re thrilled to announce that Makers Empire is celebrating 1 million maze runs played in its new Maze Mania game after its launch just over four weeks ago. Maze Mania is the first of a series of new game creators that live in the Game Zone inside Makers Empire’s popular Makers Empire 3D design app.

In Maze Mania, users are encouraged to create their own challenging 3D mazes. Once a user has finished designing a maze, they can invite other users to try to find their way successfully through the maze. Users then compete to finish the maze in the shortest time possible, with the top players being displayed on each maze’s leaderboard. For more engaging games, head out to sites such as 겜블시티 가입 방법.

Robin McGinnis, Lead STEAM Teacher at Mt. Healthy City Schools in Ohio says her students are “loving it!” and that they are drawn to “the ease of manoeuvring through the maze, even my first graders knew what to do.”

Robin says, “it has brought much excitement to my students and they are thrilled when they open up that game!! So excited about this medium for teaching my reluctant learners!!! When I walk into rooms, the students cheer! You’ve turned me into a rock star teacher!! Thanks.”

Similarly, Hajnalka Molloy, Leader of Library and Information Services at Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus in Australia, says her students are also loving Maze Mania.

“I had thirty kids burst through the doors at lunchtime to get to Makers Empire… I only have 30 laptops in there!” she commented.

Mandi Dimitriadis, Director of Learning at Makers Empire, says, “This exciting milestone means that a whole lot of students have been having a whole lot of fun. But what’s even more exciting is that they’ve been having ‘hard fun’. Hard fun happens when students are engaged in an activity that interests and excites them but also makes them think. While they are designing and solving mazes, students are also solving problems, considering alternative ideas, thinking critically and analysing possible solutions. When students feel challenged in their learning they are more likely to engage more deeply in the task at hand.”

The top 10 played mazes have each been played between 5,000 to 8,000 times each:

  1. Hakers (sic) Only by Anonymous – played 7,906 times
  2. Find the End! by Potato King 🙂 – played 7,815 times
  3. Rainbow Maze by Shaza Grey Chair – played 6,802 times
  4. The Drop by Super Nova Bomb Luke – played 6,447 times
  5. 100% Not Possible by Anonymous – played 6,503 times
  6. 99.9% Impossible by Mr. Devil Lucy – played 6,137 times
  7. Discocity by Noble Wizard – played 6,013 times
  8. Run! by Be Friendly – played 6,019 times
  9. Plant Vs Zombie by Anonymous – played 5,526 times
  10. Deadpool by Anonymous – played 5,228 times

Makers Empire’s Chief Technology Officer, Roland Peddie, added, “We’re thrilled to have reached this milestone so soon. We’re always looking for ways to inspire kids to create rather than consume, and one of the biggest areas where kids are often just consumers these days is in gaming. So our Game Zone provides a fun place for kids to play and create.”

Watch this short video to see how Maze Mania works:

Keen to try Maze Mania yourself? Makers Empire 3D can be used at school or at home. Download the free Makers Empire 3D app or visit your device’s app store and then visit the Game Zone.

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