Better learning by design – The Makers Empire Difference

If you are looking at introducing or expanding 3D design and printing in your school, Makers Empire can help ensure a successful and rewarding experience for your teaching colleagues and students.

Without the right tools, resources and training, teachers can find it hard to maximise 3D design and printing’s learning potential. Plus, learning a new technology can be prohibitively time-consuming.

Luckily, Makers Empire includes everything you need to integrate 3D design and printing efficiently and effectively. Our solutions include easy to use 3D design software, lesson plans aligned to standards, professional development, management tools and 3D printer options.

Even the most experienced, tech-savvy teachers love Makers Empire’s pioneering approach. Take Karie Huttner, the K-5 educational technology coach for the Verona Area School District. She’d been teaching 3D printing for 4-5 years but it wasn’t until she tried Makers Empire with her students that she realised how powerful learning with 3D could be.

To begin your Makers Empire journey, start by asking a few questions.


Question 1. What Are Our School’s Current Needs?

  • Current Curriculum. Where, when and how well do our students engage in problem-solving, designing solutions, creative thinking, collaboration etc.?
  • Teacher Pedagogy. How well placed are our teachers to help students develop these types of skills?
  • Student Engagement, Skills and Dispositions. Where are our students now?
  • Current set up. How do our current facilities, equipment and structures support students and teachers to develop these skills etc.?
  • Champions. Who are the early adopters and champions in our school (teachers, students, leaders, community members) that can take a leadership role?
  • Support. What support and training do our teachers need to be successful teachers of 3D design and printing?

Question 2. What is Our Budget?

Use the following examples as a guide:

  • With a budget of $2,000, schools can fund online training, Maker Empire 3D design software, professional development, and curriculum aligned lesson plans for all teachers and students for 12 months.
  • With a budget of $3,000, schools can fund one 3D printer, filament, online training, Maker Empire 3D design software, professional development, and curriculum aligned lesson plans for all teachers and students for 12 months.
  • With a budget of $5,000, schools can fund two 3D printers, filament, online training, Maker Empire 3D design software, professional development, and curriculum aligned lesson plans for all teachers and students for 24 months.
  • A budget of more than $5,000 allows schools to fund three 3D printers and 36 months full Makers Empire access for all teachers and students!

Question 3. Is Makers Empire Right For Us?

To help determine Makers Empire’s suitability for your school, please watch these short videos:

Question 4. What do teachers think of Makers Empire?


If you’d like to proceed with your Makers Empire subscription, follow these steps:


Step 1. Plan Implementation of Makers Empire

  • Who. Decide who will be involved. Will you start with specific teachers and/or grade levels?
  • Where. Decide where the activity will take place. Will teachers teach 3D printing and design in their classrooms, a dedicated Makerspace, a Science laboratory or the school library?
  • When. Decide when you will implement 3D printing and design. This term? Next term? Makers Empire can provide a detailed implementation plan to help with planning.

Step 2. Purchase a Makers Empire School Solution

  • Software. Makers Empire 3D software is designed for K-8 students and works on all computers and devices including Ipads.
  • Professional Development. Makers Empire’s self-paced online professional development covers everything you need to know to successfully teach 3D design and printing at school.
  • Teacher Resources. 130 lesson plans aligned to American standards and the Australian curriculum and a School Implementation Plan.
  • Support and Training. Makers Empire provides ongoing and timely support to all school customers.
  • Optional 3D Printers. Makers Empire offers bundled packages that include 3D printers, filament, training and ongoing support.
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Step 3. Set Up and Prepare Your School

  • Getting Started. The Getting Started section in the Teacher’s Dashboard takes you step-by-step through setting up Makers Empire at your school and running your first class.
  • Professional Development. Allocate time for teachers to complete the self-paced online professional development training in the Teacher’s Dashboard.
  • Set Up. Set up your selected room with the right equipment and tools you’ll need to start teaching.
  • Implementation Plan. Use the Makers Empire implementation plan as a guide to ensure you’re fully prepared and ready to make 3D printing at your school a success.

Step 4. Transform learning with 3D Design and Printing

  • Teach. Conduct lessons using 3D design and printing. Print out students’ designs.
  • Student Focus. Put students in the driving seat by letting them have input into the direction and focus of classes.
  • Peer Feedback. Make sure students give each other feedback on their designs. Learning how to give and receive constructive feedback is a valuable skill.
  • Review. Review student engagement and performance with 3D design and printing. What lesson plans and projects were most popular? Which challenges attracted the most designs? Did students perform as expected? Why or why not?
  • Assess. How have student learning outcomes been impacted by 3D design and printing? Were there any unexpected benefits? What were the challenges?

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