Choosing a 3D printer for your school can be a difficult decision. While many will be great for high school students or a hobbyist, some are less suited for regular use in a K-8 classroom or library environment.

At Makers Empire, we’ve helped thousands of K-8 teachers in Australia, America, Europe and Asia integrate 3D printing and design into the classroom so we understand what works and what doesn’t.

From conversations with teachers, we understand that the most important considerations when choosing a 3D printer are:

  1. Plug ‘n’ play – that is, ease of use;
  2. Affordability;
  3. Durability; and
  4. Reliability.

To come up with our list of Best 3D Printers for Your School, we tested more than twenty 3D printers. We paid for all the printers we have recommended, so you can be sure our recommendations are fair. Plus, we spent weeks, months and years using these printers to ensure we were modeling normal classroom and school conditions.

So without further ado, check out our 2018 roundup of the Best 3D Printers for Primary and Elementary Schools. View this list as Best 3D Printers for Primary and Elementary Schools – Australia or Best 3D Printers for Primary and Elementary Schools – America for prices in the local currency.