7 Great 3D Design & 3D Printing Lesson Ideas for Book Week

During Book Week, many primary and elementary schools host a range of activities to encourage a love of reading and improvement in literacy levels. Many schools also host a Book Week Day where their students can dress up as a favourite book character. At Makers Empire, we love everything that gets students reading more so we thought we’d help celebrate Book Week by sharing seven great 3D design lesson ideas for grade K-8 students.

So without further ado, check out these seven great 3D lesson ideas for Book Week. All of the designs below were made using Makers Empire 3D design software.

1. Create a 3D Version of Your Book Week Character

Ask students to design an outfit using new custom avatar parts to create a 3D version of the outfit they will wear to celebrate Book Week.

If their dressup character isn’t human, students can use Shaper to create their design – check out these awesome The Hungry Caterpillar designs below.

2. Create a 3D model of Your Book

First, ask students to create an original story to a theme or topic related to something that you are learning in class. Then ask them to design a 3D rendition of their book’s cover using the Shaper or Blocker design modules. See this awesome Harry Potter book video for inspiration. Ask them to explain their design choices and the themes they wanted to convey with their design.

3. Create a Character’s Signature Look From Your Favourite Book

Ask students to consider their favourite book. Who is their favourite character? Do they have a signature look? Ask them to design an outfit using custom avatar parts to represent their favourite character’s signature look.

4. Create a Bookmark

Ask students to design a bookmark using Makers Empire to celebrate Book Week. Alternatively, students can design a bookmark with their name on it. How big should it be? How thick? How can students make their bookmarks distinctive and original?

5. Design Your Dream Library

For book lovers, libraries are a wonderful home away from home with endless books to read and comfortable reading spots. Ask students to create their dream library using Makers Empire.

6. Create an Outfit Suitable for a Journey

Ask students to think of a book they have read where the main character goes on a trip or journey. The character could be an explorer or an adventurer or someone who just gets caught up in an unexpected adventure. What kind of outfit would they wear that would give them the best chance of success? What accessories or tools would they take with them? Ask students to use the new custom avatar parts to create the character’s outfit and then present their designs to the class.

7. Recreate a Favourite Scene

Ask students to write a short essay describing their favourite scene from a book they’ve read. Who are the characters in this scene? What makes this scene so interesting or moving? How does it make them feel? What purpose does this scene serve in the story? Then ask students to recreate some of the key elements of that scene using Makers Empire.

We hope you enjoyed these lesson ideas using Makers Empire. Share your designs with us via email or social media!

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