Pooraka Primary School teachers explore 3D printing with Makers Empire

It was not even end of the first week of Term 2 but the teachers at Pooraka Primary School were already keeping a step ahead with technology: the teachers were skilling up in their knowledge of 3D Printing with a one-hour professional development session presented by Maker’s Empire.

The session covered the history of 3D printing, what students would want to know, types of software available and view a 3D printer in action. Teachers also were able to look at 3D printed objects and had a go at designing their own 3D object. There was also a great discussion on the applications of 3D Printing emerging in housing, jewelry and health.

makers empire pooraka primary school

Sally Clarke, Pooraka Primary School teacher, commented, “The Rapid Fire 3D printing workshop was a great introduction to familiarise teachers with the 3D printing process and its applications in a range of industries. The session has opened many options for classes to participate in when teachers start implementing the new Australian Technologies Curriculum.”

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