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What Teachers Say About Printer Service & Support

Have a 3D printer at your school? Thinking of purchasing a 3D printer for your school? Makers Empire offers its customers world-class support and servicing for their 3D printers. 

Schools that buy 3D printers from Makers Empire gain access to our library of videos, help articles and guides to help make their 3D printing experience a success. Schools also gain access to Makers Empire’s resident 3D printer hardware expert, Luke Tansell. 

Luke has a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Adelaide University and is also a long-time volunteer at Fab Lab Adelaide. He has been using 3D printing as an industrial design tool for 10 years. 

At Makers Empire, Luke is responsible for supporting and troubleshooting any 3D printer issues that may arise for school customers. Luke doesn’t need to be in the room with a printer to help either – he is able to resolve almost all problems via a phone call, email or video call. 

Here’s what happy school customers have said about Makers Empire’s 3D printer servicing and support provided by Luke:

“I have been delighted with the ongoing support that Luke and the Makers Empire team has provided to me and my site. Luke has been very responsive to my questions and queries and was successfully able to repair our printer. He kept me fully informed about the printer and the time line required to fix it… A wonderful engaging program, fantastic training, and outstanding ongoing support makes Makers Empire so successful!”  Jane Wetherall, Year 1/2 Teacher.

“I have found Luke to be an absolute asset. I’ve needed to contact him more than I’d care to admit and he’s always very prompt in his response. If he can’t help me sort an issue over the phone, he books me for onsite support, often fitting me in the very next day. I would strongly recommend Makers Empire for any school, particularly those wanting to dip their toe in the 3D printing waters,” Jarad Tessari, Year 6 Teacher.

“I was a complete newbie with 3D printing, and have had a few issues with my printer – most as it turns out caused by me! The staff at Makers Empire have been exceptionally helpful, understanding and efficient. They have repaired my printer on a few occasions without any hassles or judgement. They have taught me how to troubleshoot, and following their videos I have become quite proficient at fixing minor problems with the extruder. Makers Empire staff fixed issues that I didn’t even realise that the printer had e.g. they replaced a broken clip on the cover – they printed and attached a new clip. Their service was friendly, efficient, economical and effective,” Hajnalka Molloy, Teacher-Librarian.

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Servicing and Site Visits for SA Schools

Makers Empire offers school customers in its home state of South Australia (SA) complimentary 3D printer servicing and personal site visits. This is in addition to our usual telephone and online support that all customers receive. Makers Empire school customers can book in their complimentary 3D printer servicing each year.  

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