3D Insider: Makers Empire ‘leading the way’

This week, Makers Empire was the subject of a glowing writeup in 3D printing publication, 3D Insider. This type of industry endorsement from 3D printing experts who understand the power and potential of 3D printing for both industry and educators is both invaluable and humbling. So we’re thrilled to share extracts of the writeup with you below:

“The world of 3D printing has been making waves in the news and revolutionizing the manufacturing industry for quite a while now. People no longer question whether buying a personal 3D printer will help them with their manufacturing business. The public has accepted 3D printing technology with open arms, and innumerable clubs of 3D print enthusiasts and researchers have sprung up who are experimenting with the technology and what can be done with it.

“Naturally, the next step is to make 3D printing a part of school learning so the next generation learns to use the game changing technology from a young age.”

The author then goes on to describe Makers Empire’s 3D Printing Learning Program.

“The people behind Maker’s Empire understand the importance of 3D printing and are determined to bring the technology to K-8 schools. The idea isn’t just to help teach students how to operate 3D printers, but to also make 3D printing a part of their studies, and bring the images in their textbooks to 3-dimensional life.
3D printing is integrated into the student’s studies with the help of a series of interactive challenges and practical lessons. Maker’s Empire has created a custom software platform for students. The software is especially configured to be easily understood by young children and to hold their attention. Schools can opt either for a free individual license and get the basic services provided by the company, or pay a certain amount annually that allows the school to make use of the full scope of the platform. The paid version includes a teacher’s dashboard which allows instructors to monitor and manage their students’ work, and weekly data analytics with which every child’s progress can be tracked to make sure they are not falling behind the other students.”

The author then describes how Makers Empire makes learning fun, how Makers Empire 3D software is simple enough for small children to use and how teachers can use it to teach different subjects. He details some of the ways students are using Makers Empire in the classroom every day, using two actual schools as examples, and goes on to explain the real-world applications for industry.

Concluding the piece, the author writes:

“After examining all of the efforts in introducing 3D printing to the classroom, we believe that Maker’s Empire is leading the way. Their app is a game changer because it makes 3D modeling accessible to even the youngest of kids. Additionally, their lesson plans guarantee that students are learning useful concepts every class. Maker’s Empire is fun for both students and teachers. As advocates for 3D printing we couldn’t believe more in their mission.”

For the full write up, visit 3D Insider.

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