Burnside Primary School embraces 3D printing with Makers Empire

Burnside Primary School teachers are among the latest educators to skill themselves with 3D design & printing.

Burnside Primary Makers Empire workshop

On 28 August, 2014, Makers Empire held a session with Burnside Primary School teachers to introduce them to 3D design and printing and its current application in industry and education.

Burnside Primary has a strong focus on ensuring their students can think, solve problems, work in collaborative and cooperative work teams, display resilience and be entrepreneurial. So 3D printing fits in perfectly with their current curriculum.

Over a 45 minute session the teachers were able to create their first designs without learning CAD or have any technical expertise. Teachers also had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Makers Empire teachers portal and lesson plans that are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Burnside Primary Makers Empire workshop

To complete the session, the Makers Empire team discussed the common materials used for 3D printing and showed a 3D object being created on a 3D printer, one layer at a time.

“It was great to have the opportunity to introduce Burnside Primary School educators to 3D design and printing and its broad cross-curricular application in the school environment,” said Jon Soong, CEO of Makers Empire.

“We were particularly impressed with their desire to learn about this 21st Century technology and how it can help them achieve learning outcomes for their students in the classroom.”

Burnside Primary Makers Empire workshop

Carol Press, Burnside Primary School Assistant Principal, Innovative Learning Technologies commented, ‘’the Future is NOW at Burnside Primary School.”

“It amazes the mind to think of the endless possibilities of how this technology will benefit us all in the future, Burnside Primary School children and staff are beginning to explore, create and determine what some of these possibilities could be now. (It’s) engaging, exciting and exploratory learning.’’

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