Winners of the Car-Free Zone 3D Design Competition | Design Thinking Challenge

Every month, Makers Empire runs an in-app competition so that students can test their Design Thinking and 3D design skills against their peers from all over the world. We are glad to announce the winners of Makers Empire’s Car Free Zone competition, which ran in September 2020.

This was the Bully Busters design brief for students:

We enjoyed viewing all of the 20,000+ competition submissions in this competition. In the end, there were some stand out designs so congratulations to the competition winner and runner up below. Click on the design and designer names below to view the designs in 3D and see all the likes and comments.

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Winner: Moving Family by Ayka Azwina

The description: It uses the whole family pedaling for it to work and one person at the front to steer it. Plus, I didn’t forget the seatbelts!

Runner Up: Sunbeam by Xanderta

The description: the choob at the back leads to a carbon storage so carbon does not polute the air and if it has no more carbon you help peddle and the solar.

Runner Up: Magic Bike by ReneeMagic

Description: The little holder is for a little baby! And I really hope I can win the competition this year! There is also food in the baskets.

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