Why Your School Needs A 3D printer With Built-In Air Filtration

Buying a 3D printer for your school? Read this essential post to learn why you should choose a 3D printer with a built-in air filtration system.

Why is air filtration important?

In a study by Stephens et al, they characterized 3D printers as “high emitters” of Ultra Fine Particles. Their study suggests caution should be taken when operating some commercially available 3D printers in unvented or inadequately filtered indoor environments. This precaution would include the use of 3D printers in a classroom environment.

Reference: Brent Stephens, ParhamAzimi, ZeinebEl Orch, TiffanieRamos, Ultrafine particle emissions from desktop 3D printers’ November 2013.

To download a copy of the report, click on the graphic below.

Which 3D printers are recommended?

3D printers with built-in air filtration systems aim to reduce the user’s expose to Ultra Fine Particles.

At Makers Empire we sell Tiertime and Afinia 3D printers because we know and trust the quality of their printers. Tiertime and Afinia printers are made by the same manufacturer but sold under different names.

A third party scientific study of the Tiertime UP! Box 3D printer was conducted to test its built-in air filtration system.

Pictures of the Tiertime UP! Box and Afinia H800 are shown below. They are identical in technical specification.

The scientific study by Azimi, et al., which tested the Tiertime 3D printer’s air filtration system demonstrated that the total number of Ultra Fine Particles emitted was reduced by ~91% compared to a printer without filtration.

This reduction in Ultra Fine Particle emission makes the Tiertime and Afinia 3D printers ideal for use within schools.

Reference: Parham Azimi, Ph.D., Brent Stephens, Ph.D., Ultrafine particles (UFPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) removal efficiency of desktop 3D printer enclosures, Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering, Built Environment Research Group (http://built-envi.com), Illinois Institute of Technology, 8 Feb 2017

Download the full report here by clicking on the graphic below.

The Makers Empire Solution

Makers Empire offers school-safe 3D printers to purchase bundled together with one of our 3D solutions for schools or bundled together with premium 3D printing filament and hardware training.

Makers Empire has two pioneering 3D solutions for schools — 3D Learning Program and Learning by Design course. Both solutions include professional development for teachers, curriculum lesson plans, easy to use 3D design software, a teachers dashboard and analytics.

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