What to use a 3D printer for?

1. Learn about 3D printers from a hardware/technology point of view.

  • Learn how to put it together, build it, fix it, keep it running.
  • This better suited to high school workshops, but can work in the lower years (but prepared to be patient).
  • Almost any 3D printer on the market would work for this!
  • You will need very dedicated and somewhat technical teacher to do this – ideally they do it as a hobby in their spare time too (e.g. One manual we saw said “take your blow torch and heat the nozzle”!)

2. Use it as a tool to print things – you just want it to work

  • Very few printers on the market suit this
  • You’ll still need a teacher/librarian to take the lead on it and learn how to use it (4+ hours)
  • See our school printer reviews

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