Design thinking and 3D printing with Makers Empire

– Watch this video to learn how you can transform classroom learning with Makers Empire
– See how educators teach STEM subjects and 21st century skills in a fun and engaging way
– Learn the educational benefits of 3D printing

– Watch a demo of Makers Empire 3D Learning Program
– Take a tour of key features

Makers Empire 3D software

– Watch this video for a high-level introduction to Makers Empire 3D
– See how easy it is to start designing in 3D in minutes – no CAD necessary!
– Learn how built-in challenges and competitions test students’ skills
– Preview levelling up and gamification features
– Suitable for students ages 4 years old and up

Makers Empire Teacher’s Dashboard

– Watch this video for a high-level tour of Makers Empire’s Teacher’s Dashboard
– Learn how to view, comment on and download students’ designs for export for 3D printing
– See how easy it is to set up and manage student accounts and classes
– Tour the lesson plan library with 100+ lesson plans and build your own lesson plans
– Access helpful videos and analytics


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