UAE Training

Information specific to training the week 6 January 2019

1. You have been created a Makers Empire teacher account – please use your email to login. If you don’t have an account, someone else at your school can invite you through the Makers Empire Teachers Dashboard. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

The login and password will allow you to login to:

i. Makers Empire Teachers Dashboard – use the Teacher Log In button here:

Note: after logging on to the Teachers Dashboard for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a new password.
You can re-enter the password that was created for you listed in the spreadsheet.
If you enter a new one, you will need to remember it.

ii. Makers Empire 3D design app – download here: Installer for Windows

Important: This UAE version is only available for Windows devices only.
It has been designed specifically for UAE’s 3D printing primary school project.
It is different to the versions that are normally available on Makers Empire website, app stores etc for downloading.
Please download the UAE version from this link otherwise you and your students will not be using the correct version.

2. Why have Makers Empire teacher accounts been created for the training session and why can’t we create it ourselves?

To maximise the training time and minimise administration for training participants, teacher accounts with login and passwords have been created.
Also when a Makers Empire Teacher Account is normally created (or added via the Makers Empire Teachers Dashboard), the teacher will receive a ‘getting started’ email which requires the teacher to click and verify their account.
By creating teacher accounts and passwords ahead of time, trainers will not need to click an account verification link in a ‘getting started’ email.
Finally, the ‘getting started’ email contains information like where to download the Makers Empire 3D design app but as the UAE has a specifically designed version, for the training session, the ‘getting started’ email will not be sent to minimise any conflicting information.

3. What is a Product Key and what is a Class Code?

When a school is issued a Makers Empire subscription, that school will be designated it’s own ‘Product Key’.

Each school has been issued a Product Key and Class Code.

Within the school’s ‘Product Key’, a school can setup ‘classes’ for students to join.
Each class has it’s own ‘Class Code’ that can be entered into the Makers Empire 3D design app.
This then allows the school to view the students’ designs by class in the Teachers Dashboard in real time.

If you don’t currently have a Product Key, please get another teacher to add you to their Product Key or you can use this for training:

Product Key: dubtrain

Class Code (General class): 276wait

4. What is a ‘Teachers PIN’?

PIN: uae19

A UAE version of the Makers Empire 3D design app has been designed specifically for UAE’s 3D printing project.
One of the functions is to allow the app to be used in offline i.e. not connected to the internet and store student’s designs on the device.
Another function is to allow teachers to go to the student’s device, which is not connected to the internet, and enter a ‘PIN’ to access the teacher’s assessment function to assess the student’s designs.