Tour Makers Empire

Tour Makers Empire

Watch this video for a high-level introduction to Makers Empire 3D app and the Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard. With Makers Empire, teachers can:

  1. Plan Lessons: 150+ lesson plans aligned to NGSS, the Australian Curriculum, National Curriculum (England) and International Baccalaureate, professional development, guided onboarding, lesson plan builder, roadmaps and teacher resources
  2. Teach Lessons: a) Makers Empire 3D app: the world’s most fun & easy to use 3D design app with training lab, design challenges, tutorials, themed courses, make & play mazes & competition; and b) Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard: easy class management, set design missions & download students’ designs for 3D printing
  3. Assess Student Work – built-in tools & activity report

Tour Makers Empire App 2022

Watch this video for a summary of latest changes and features to the Makers Empire 3D app in 2022.

Challenge Courses 2022

Watch this video for a summary of in-app Challenge Courses, which provide a complete design program for students and can be completed over a term.

Challenge courses comprise 4 activities – videos, quizzes, tutorials and design challenges – and are aligned to Design & Technology curriculum. 

The Makers Empire Difference

  • Watch this video to learn how you can transform primary and elementary classroom learning with Makers Empire
  • See how educators teach cover Design, Technology and Engineering curriculum and teach Design Thinking, STEM subjects and 21st-century skills in a fun and engaging way
  • Learn the educational benefits of 3D technology