Top 10 lesson ideas for Grade 4 using 3D Printing and STEM

We see students of all ages engaging in exciting design challenges with Makers Empire’s 3D design software.

Here’s our top 10 ideas for Year 4s:


1. Design a mascot that represents our class values like Cuddles the Cuttlefish (above) who reminds this year 4 class to care for each other and strive for excellence.

2. How many 3D shapes can you design that have at least one square face? We know a year 4 teacher who provides challenges like this as a regular part of her maths program.

3. Design something that will help solve a problem we have in our classroom. We’ve seen 3D printed solutions for everything from safely storing classroom scissors to a tag system to let the teacher know who has left the classroom to go to the bathroom.

4. Design a piece of playground equipment that someone with a disability could enjoy (above).

5. Identify a problem in a fairytale and design a solution. We love the porridge bowl with a padlock we recently saw to keep Goldilocks out of the 3 bears’ breakfast!

6. Design something that will reduce the amount of plastic we use each day. We’ve seen strong handles to make plastic bags last longer and clips to store coffee cup lids so they can be washed and reused.

7. Design some furniture for your dream bedroom.

8. Design a toy for a student in a younger class that will help them to learn.

9. What is the most creative design you can create using 100 blocks?

10. It is often hard to find the key I need on my keyring. is this a problem you, or an adult you know has? How could you solve this problem?

Makers Empire’s Lesson Ideas are free, quick and easy ideas to get you started with 3D design and printing. We hope you enjoyed this post.



Mandi Dimitriadis, DipT. is an experienced classroom teacher who recognises the power of technology to enhance teaching and improve educational outcomes. Mandi has extensive experience with curriculum development and learning, having previously developed programs for the Australian Government’s Department of Education. She is passionate about Design Thinking and how best to prepare today’s students for the future.


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