We’re thrilled to announce that Mandi Dimitriadis, our wonderful Director of Learning, was declared the winner of the 2019 Winnovation Award in the ‘Open’ category at a Gala Dinner in Adelaide on October 3rd, 2019. Congratulations, Mandi!!

The Winnovation Awards showcase and celebrate the successes of female innovators changing the game in South Australia. Mandi was a finalist in the same awards in 2018.

Mandi says, “It was such a thrill to share the night with so many inspirational and amazing women. I am very very proud of this award and the recognition it brings to the work we do at Makers Empire. When I see young people solving genuine problems in their communities it cements my belief that we are doing such important work and makes me hopeful that our future is in good hands. Thank you so much to the Winnovation team and to the awesome people at Sweat for sponsoring this award.”