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What Teachers Think of Makers Empire

"I think the lesson plans are fantastic for teachers - especially those who may find the hardest part being the inspiration/ideas on where to start...The Makers Empire app is a MASSIVE value add to the learning. We could have taught children how to design an iPad stand, learn what makes a structure strong, what are strong ‘shapes’, how to keep an item balanced etc etc etc - but the ability to create their design in 3D AND then print it makes the learning so much more obtainable and relevant/real."

Chris Bennie, Assistant Principal, Stirling East Primary School
Stirling East, South Australia

"Students developed a range of design skills..They learnt what the design process looked like, learnt how to create their designs in Shaper, learnt about scale when printing their designs. Students learnt to measure their objects as well as problem solved to make their design as similar on Makers Empire as their initial design... the students were so engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience...(Makers Empire) is a wonderful program that engages all students well!"

Abbie Krieg, Year 3/4 Teacher, Snowtown Primary School
Snowtown, South Australia

"I think it is great because it integrates so many curriculum areas that we have to do in a busy classroom. You have got your maths, science, you can do literacy, then you have also got your digital technology and design technology, and art as well... We are in an ever-changing world and we all have to keep up."

Shauna Wood, Year 1-3 Teacher, Carlton School
Port Augusta, South Australia

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