Florida, USA
I have been teaching 3D printing for the past 3 years in my elementary science methods course. I was awarded a small grant that was enough to purchase a 3D Printer (Makerbot Mini Replicator). Recently, I discovered Makers Empire and started the free trial. I was amazed at the results! Here are my main take-aways after using Makers Empire. 1. User-friendly for elementary-age children! I offered very little training compared to other 3D printing software and it was super easy for children to navigate, design, and begin creating. I also like that Makers Empire offers a student-friendly app - perfect for young children. 2. Teacher Dashboard- The teacher Dashboard is perfect for setting up and managing a class of students. It's easy to assess their designs and works well with my Makerbot Software. Downloading files was quick, easy, and problem-free. 3. Fabulous customer service! I have been impressed with the follow-up emails and genuine desire for feedback. A big part of the design process is 'improvement' and Makers Empire seems to be committed to improving their product to meet the needs of educators and children. "