“I wanted to get a 3d printer because I wanted to print things for my friends and family. Then I made some money so I decided to start a business printing and selling things to other people. I made over $1,000 so far and I’m still working... I have printed hundreds of models but my favourite builds are the big ones like the full-size Boba Fett costume, the giant Venom, Huge 1/57th scale Hogwarts castle and full-size R2D2. I print things for kids at school like infinity cubes and characters from games. One time, a girl in the younger grades broke one of her toys and asked if I could fix it. I used a program to make a replacement part and printed it. It worked great and I got some more money. Yay! Also, we are designing things at school using Makers Empire. I am really good at it because of all the practice I have at home."