"In my first year (of leading the STEM program), some of my students had a desire to learn about 3D printing... I introduced Makers Empire to my students for a 3D printing unit and they absolutely loved it. I have continued the subscription and use it every year... The students love the Game Zone, the challenges, and just being able to create on their own!... I have my 3D printer set up in a common hallway so students can see creations being printed when they are walking through the halls. They are curious with the creations and like seeing peers work being turned into 3D creations. I love that even though we are a rural school, students can still be a part of such innovative technology! I love the collaboration it teaches. I like when students figure something out, they can then show others how to do it. The Game Zone mazes have created a friendly competition to compete against each other and to come up with mazes to challenge other classmates!"