Triangle Day School, North Carolina
I decided to have all students in Kinder-5th grade begin the 3D Modeling curriculum with the Training Lab. I appreciated the addition to the 4 new Training Lab activities (Rotating, Zooming, Panning, and Catch the Rabbit because it makes the students practice those basic 3 skills in a timely manner)... Once the Training Lab was completed, we moved on to Challenge Central, starting with "Welcome to 3D space". I did this with 2nd-5th only for now... "Welcome to 3D Space" was a much-needed tutorial for the kids. The ice cream scoop was a lot of fun for the students. I like the way M.E. provides the walk-through to design certain objects using various shapes. It's a good visual for how to manipulate the shapes to make actual designs. I appreciate that it's timed so that they improve their speed and accuracy creating the challenge designs. After Welcome to 3D Space, I switched the Challenge Central curriculum to the appropriate grade-level curriculum. The activities have been appropriately modified, and my 5th graders, coincidentally are discussing animal adaptations in Science Lab, so it goes in line with our curriculum."