Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind, Montana, USA
“Though I plan to expand to other classes in the future, I predominantly use Makers Empire with my Science classes. I give students parameters and allow them to go through the Engineering Design Process. In Science classes, students have created plant and animal cells, aircraft, and aliens for classification... Since students have a variety of eye conditions and useable sight, we have had to become creative in using Makers Empire. Some students pair up together to share strengths. Some prefer using the iPad with zoom, while others prefer using the computer with or without assistive technology features like zoom, JAWS, and/or Fusion. Some students like using Makers Empire on the SmartBoard and others like to team up with a teacher and describe ideas... Our students really excel with 3D models, but using a 2D method to create 3D is a challenge for students... though Makers Empire is more geared towards students that are middle school and younger, I find that my students with Visual Impairments of all ages are able to use it because it is a bit easier to use with fewer complicated pieces that add to the visual distractions.”