"I first learned about 3D printing at school because two of my school teachers went on a 3D design course with Makers Empire... I started to use Makers Empire and I asked if I could print out one of my designs so my teacher showed me how to slice my design and use the 3D printer. After that, I knew that I wanted to get into it... We use 3D printing at school for school projects and prototypes for product ideas in Enterprise. I used the UP box at school to print a beetle for the tournament of minds last year... Makers Empire is a very easy program to use and get the hang of... (At G3D) we make a lot of personalised bag tags and key rings, particularly for people with unusual names. We also make wall art, bookmarks and novelty pencil toppers. We can take custom orders for specific designs for people as well: we have just designed a replacement part for a customer for a set of blinds that have broken as she cannot get spares from where she bought them from."