Terrific Treasure Design Thinking Competition Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of Makers Empire’s Design Thinking competition from August/September: Terrific Treasure.

In this competition, students were challenged to design an eye-catching treasure for their hero.

We enjoyed viewing all of the 6,000+ competition submissions in this competition.

Click on the images below to view the designs in 3D and see all the likes and comments.

You can also view these designs as well as past competition winners in our Hall of Fame.

WinnerTrack Pack – Playford Primary School

Designer description: This is my Jetpack that has a circle tracker. The tracker is the blue with a line through where treasure is.

Runner UpTreasure chest by AnthonytheNightleader

Designer description: it would be nice to win.

Runner Up – Untitled by LaineMae

Designer Description: This is the amulet of eclipse. This priceless treasure grants you the power of the sun and the moon. This is found deep in the forgotten ruins.

How amazing are these designs!? Congratulations again to our winners! You can see all the entries for the Terrific Treasure competition here.

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