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    • Grade/s: 7, 8
    • Subject/s: Tech., Economics
    • Type: Lesson Plan

    Students investigate the attributes and skills of successful entrepeneurs. They use design thinking processes to plan an entrepeneurial venture and develop 3D printed prototypes of their ideas.


    • Grade/s: 7
    • Subject/s: Maths, Engineering
    • Type: Unit Plan

    Students design a 3D model of a house. They are then required to make renovations to their house design by making selected geometric changes to their houses.


    • Grade/s: 6
    • Subject/s: Technologies
    • Type: Lesson Plan

    In this lesson, students will learn how to design, make and sell a 3D printed product. A great exercise for students to learn about product design, prototyping, entrepreneurship and marketing.


    • Grade/s: 6
    • Subject/s: Science, Technologies
    • Type: Lesson Plan

    Students identify and study problems caused by natural disasters. They devise solutions to these problems and then design and 3D print their practical remedies.

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    Each month, Makers Empire runs an in-app 3D design competition for students to test their Design Thinking skills against their peers all over the world. Competitions can attract up to 24,000 entries and they're a great way to engage students in Design Thinking and 3D design. For our August competition, students needed to create a...

  • Winners of the Extreme Weather Design Thinking Competition | 3D Design Challenge

    Every month, Makers Empire runs an in-app competition so that students can test their Design Thinking and 3D design skills against their peers from all over the world. We are glad to announce the winners of Makers Empire's Design Thinking competition from July: Extreme Weather. In this competition, students were challenged to design an umbrella that...

  • Winners of the 'Book Bulb' Design Thinking Competition | 3D Design Competition

    Every month, Makers Empire hosts an in-app 3D design competition giving students around the world the opportunity to test their Design Thinking skills against their peers. Keen to have your students compete in this month's competition? Check out more details here. For September's 'Book Bulb' competition, and to celebrate International Literacy Day on September 8th, students...