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  • Father and daughter using a tablet device together at home

    Learning at Home | Coronavirus | COVID-19 | Resources for Teachers and Parents

    To the worldwide Makers Empire community, At Makers Empire, we've been shocked and concerned as we've witnessed the distressing effects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Makers Empire is used by 2.2+ million users in 50+ countries who create 100,000 new 3D designs every day. Many of these countries are already experiencing or planning for school closures....

  • Failing to Succeed: 6 Habits of Successful 'Failers' That Teachers Should Know

    I spend a lot of time talking with teachers about the important role failure can play in learning. Backed by Carol Dweck’s mindset research and armed with all sorts of anecdotes about the power of design thinking, I can often be heard waxing lyrically and enthusiastically about the benefits of learning how to fail well....

  • Competitions, Challenges & Experiences Your Students Will Love | Design Thinking | STEM

    At Makers Empire, we want to help children become creators, innovators and problem solvers so they can adapt and thrive in a dynamic world. We do this by equipping educators with the tools, resources and support they need to embrace creativity and making in education for improved student performance, engagement and learning. We've created this...

  • Want to be inspired? Watch These 5 Great TED Talks for Teachers

    Looking to motivate and engage your students? Wanting to dive deeper into pedagogy? Keen to be inspired by a new idea? Feeling tired and in need of a mental pick-me-up? May we suggest watching a TED Talk or 5? TED is a not for profit that shares pioneering ideas through short, engaging talks. The TED...

  • 8 Ways Teachers and Students Can Benefit From Gamification in the Classroom

    Makers Empire 3D is specialised 3D modelling software carefully designed to help K-8 students develop Design Thinking skills in order to solve real-world problems. Our 3D design app and Learning by Design program were recently the subject of a 12-month Macquarie University study into primary schools makerspaces, so we are confident that our solutions for...

  • What is Design Thinking? A Handy Guide for Teachers

    In this post, Mandi Dimitriadis, Director of Learning at Makers Empire, will help you understand more about Design Thinking. You’ll get to know what Design Thinking is, why Design Thinking is important, the phases of the Design Thinking process and how you might teach your students how to use Design Thinking to reframe problems and...


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    • Grade/s: 7, 8
    • Subject/s: Tech., Economics
    • Type: Lesson Plan

    Students investigate the attributes and skills of successful entrepeneurs. They use design thinking processes to plan an entrepeneurial venture and develop 3D printed prototypes of their ideas.


    • Grade/s: 7
    • Subject/s: Maths, Engineering
    • Type: Unit Plan

    Students design a 3D model of a house. They are then required to make renovations to their house design by making selected geometric changes to their houses.


    • Grade/s: 6
    • Subject/s: Technologies
    • Type: Lesson Plan

    In this lesson, students will learn how to design, make and sell a 3D printed product. A great exercise for students to learn about product design, prototyping, entrepreneurship and marketing.


    • Grade/s: 6
    • Subject/s: Science, Technologies
    • Type: Lesson Plan

    Students identify and study problems caused by natural disasters. They devise solutions to these problems and then design and 3D print their practical remedies.

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  • Space to Dream Challenge 2022: Join the Commissioner's Digital Challenge for SA Students

    For the fourth year running, Makers Empire is delighted to be supporting the new Commissioner's Digital Challenge for South Australian (SA) students. Last year, despite the disruption caused by COVID-19, an estimated 38,000 children joined the Space to Dream Digital Challenge. In this year's Space to Dream, students need to design a toy or gadget for someone their age who...

  • Interview with a Makers Empire Student Designer: Meet 14YO @ahnmaros

    At Makers Empire, we’re constantly amazed by the astonishing designs primary, elementary and middle schools students can create with our easy to use but powerful 3D design software. In this new series, we’ll be profiling some of our exceptional student designers. Today we’re happy to be interviewing the talented 14YO designer and aspiring artist behind the...

  • Interview with a Makers Empire Student Designer: Meet 10Y0 @twrig111

    In this new series, we'll be profiling some of our amazing student designers. At Makers Empire, we're constantly thrilled to see the incredible designs primary, elementary and middle schools students can create with our easy to use but powerful 3D design software. In this new series, we'll be profiling some of our amazing student designers....