Sustainable Communities Online Gallery

About the project

This Challenge Course introduces the concept of sustainable communities, and sustainable practices regarding the use of resources (rethink, reduce, refuse, repair, reuse & recycle). Students respond to video content by participating in in-app quizzes and design tutorials related to the information shared. The Challenge Course concludes with a design thinking project which challenges students to identify an opportunity to use resources within their school in more sustainable ways.

Kelvin Grove State College

“Students were thinking more deeply about the environmental issues at their school.”
Jane, teacher

Watertank Watering Plants AND Storing Water!

It is a watertank to hold water but when it gets full enough… IT WILL WATER YOUR PLANTS!!!

Basket ball hoop and 10c reycling

Adding a basket ball hoop to the rubbish bins in our college will encourage students to put their rubbish in the right bins. This will assis

The main container

Th container for the arduino kit

Baulkham Hills North Public School

“Made children think about positive solutions… greater confidence in creating”
Louise, teacher

The Litterpicker-2000

It picks up rubbish and puts it in a mouth whick transfers to the bag at the back. This is just a prototype.

Sustainable worm farm with garden

This is a sustainable worm farm flower pot. It uses recycled materials that we dont normally reuse very much. For example it saves more water by reuseing it while collecting worm wee..

Paper Restoring Machine

Restores paper from covered in ink to blank so it can have ink on it for a different reason again!