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What teachers are saying...

Our students were riveted by the magic of this new technology! Watching their creations come to life they were spellbound, and we had to literally pry them away from the computers when the session ended."

Dr. Tani Foger, Principal, Yeshivat He’Atid. NJ, USA

The New York State Teacher Centers and the New York Institute of Technology have been working with Makers Empire on what has turned out to be a transformational pilot with New York State Schools. Prior to the pilot most of our schools were struggling to understand how to integrate 3D design and printing into cross curricula activities. The Makers Empire pilot has provided the beacon for schools to follow that are opening opportunities for students that simply were not on the table before the pilot."

Prof. Stan Silverman, Director NYIT Technology Based Learning Systems. NY, USA

Students in the 21st Century demand educators to provide them learning environments and challenges to harness their innovation and creative abilities. It is so important that they are able to hone their design thinking skills as early as possible to tackle challenges in the future.”

Michelle Yazurlo, Principal Palisade Preparatory School. NY, USA

Makers Empire is a great introduction to the world of 3D design and 3D printing. We hope to integrate this into our curriculum at the 9th grade level and also have it available for use in a future 3D Maker’s space, where people can design and print their 3D designs."

Ed Murray, Technology Teacher, Riverside High School. NY, USA

We chose Makers Empire because it is an easy to use application that works across multiple platforms. It is perfect for our elementary programs as we started to explore 3D modeling and printing. The lesson plans provide authentic learning experiences that help our teachers integrate 3D printing and encourages our students to print with a purpose. We appreciated that the Makers Empire trainers were dedicated educators, with former classroom teaching experience. They helped our teachers understand how to use the printers and program but most importantly how to thoughtfully integrate the application in the classroom."

Dr Andrew A Taylor, Director of Technology, Byram Hills Central School. NY, USA

This is by far one of the best apps on the educational market! I plan on featuring it at the New York State Technology Conference in the fall. Great Work!"

Benjamin J Higgins, Springville-Griffith Institute. NY, USA

The Professor Garfield Foundation has been a leading advocate of high quality curriculum for over a decade. We strive to find outstanding educational partners who know how to connect with students and teachers alike. The last worldwide 3D printing competition Makers Empire conducted with us was a prime example of how they can make learning fun and meaningful by challenging students to use their creativity and ingenuity. We look forward to future collaborations with them."

Bob Levy, Professor Garfield Foundation. ALB, USA

We were looking for tools that would increase student engagement and add to teaching NGSS as we transition to these new science standards. I use Makers Empire to enhance students' ability to demonstrate understanding across a wide range of topics. As we work through different curriculum, including geometric shapes, things we're scared of, plants and insects, and engineering design challenges, students create 3D models related to the content. Students work both independently to create a product and in groups of 2 or 3. The app is very easy for students to use even at the 2nd grade level. It allows each student to personalize their product and be creative and work at different levels of complexity. We use the app to create 3D products that are printed as well as those that are not, but still viewed in 3D on the iPads. Collaboration and communication skills are practiced and improved when students build together."

Jennifer, 2nd grade teacher, Montclaire Elementary School. California, USA.

Overall this app, and the teachers portal that supports the app, is truly a game changer. Every child can succeed regardless of ability and they can embark upon a 3dprinting journey of a lifetime. The teaching resources have been written to meet both the (US) and Australian national curriculum with clear and concise lesson plans that are easy to understand and have easily achievable learning outcomes. This is the most important feature of all, it’s clear what the students will learn and it’s clear how they will learn it!"

Phil Cotton, Design & Tech Teacher, founder of 3D File Market. BL, UK

It is important to prepare our students with a world-class education through a curriculum integrated with academic training and practical learning. Tomorrow’s international currency includes developing skills in STEAM through society transforming technology such as 3D printing. Our students develop international perspectives, creativity, and social awareness for the 21st century.”

Tammy Wang, Grade 5 & 6 Program Director, Living World Shanghai. SH, CHINA

Our students study key concepts and discover knowledge of the world around them through an enquiry-driven approach to learning. Design and 3D printing with Makers Empire will help support our students develop important skills such as design thinking, problem solving and critical analysis.”

Elaine Whelen, Head of School, ISA International School. GZH, CHINA

In the future 3D printing will be as simple as 2D printing right now, but its effect on industry will be much greater. Through designing 3D models and printing them out, students will understand the importance of maintaining a balance between practicability and creativity. Makers Empire is a great app for students to experience 3D design and printing, and will lead to a brighter future for the students.”

Albert Wong Computer Subject Panel Head, Lee Kau Yan Memorial School. HONG KONG

We are certainly excited to begin investigating the possibilities this will open up to our students in multiple areas of the curriculum. The Makers Empire app makes it easy for our students to begin designing and appraising their creations and then gives them immediate feedback with the end result being their very own 3D model."

Clay McCann, Deputy Principal, Labrador State School. QLD, AUSTRALIA

We are currently using Makers Empire with the whole of year 5 at the moment and have brought a second 3D printer to keep up!! The Learning Support Platform and its new design looks awesome, the functionality, navigation and amount of information available is excellent. Thanks!"

Stephanie Comino, Prep. Science Facilitator, The Scots College. NSW, AUSTRALIA

This is an exciting initiative which we foresee will enrich the learning experience of Scots boys. The usefulness of the 3D equipment to the students is evident as their visualisations become reality.”

John Crerar, Head of the Preparatory School, The Scots College. NSW, AUSTRALIA

The boys were using Lego to create a maze for the hermit crabs to go through until it was suggested ... they try using the iPads. Hamish then went on to create a maze using blocker and will continue to build this over the next few days. Other children are designing hermit crabs (or their version of a crab) so we can print it out and share this with other children and parents. So interesting to see the thought processes and ability to work together to get the design functional!"

Sam, Teacher, Warrawee Care Centre. NSW, AUSTRALIA

I just wanted to let you know that Makers is up and running and the girls have come up with some wonderful ideas. I had them complete a design brief, first outlining something they’d like to design, create, manipulate etc. To help them do this I had them think of something that annoys them, they love, helps them, could potentially make life easier etc."

Rebecca Burgmann, Junior School Teacher, Abbotsleigh School. NSW, AUSTRALIA

The girls enjoyed the whole learning experience: from choosing the initial shapes to controlling the Makers Empire program. It was fascinating to watch the 3D printing movement. They not only learnt how to design and use the program but also how a city comes to life and the importance of various transport systems."

Ronelle M, Teacher, Abbotsleigh School. NSW, AUSTRALIA

As a school we need to ensure we provide as many broad opportunities as possible to promote and prepare our students to be life-long learners. Many of the jobs that exist today will be obsolete by the time our children enter the workforce. As a school we are excited by the creative and innovative opportunities the relationship with Makers Empire will bring through 3D design and printing. This connection has and will continue to add to the quality learning experiences offered to our children."

Ilia Tsoutouras, Principal, Virginia Primary School. SA, AUSTRALIA

The teacher resources were comprehensive and supported the easy implementation of the lesson. The Makers Empire 3D design app made sophisticated designing available and accessible to young students. They were totally engaged as they designed their very own 3D Hungry Caterpillar."

Rene Wavell, Assistant Principal, North Adelaide Primary School. SA, AUSTRALIA

At Scotch College Adelaide, 3D printing has been integrated into the Year 6 curriculum during the past 12 months. The pupils really enjoy utilising 3D printing technology in the classroom and the session provided by Makers Empire allowed the students to showcase their knowledge and creativity. This was yet another opportunity for our students to extend their learning."

Stuart Sluggett, Upper Primary Curriculum Coordinator, Scotch. SA, AUSTRALIA

The Makers Empire team came to run a session on 3D printing at our STEM day. It was the most popular session of the day and the students clearly had a fantastic time designing in 3D."

Nicholas Smith, Deputy Head of Junior School, St John's Grammar. SA, AUSTRALIA

A roadmap to start 3D printing at our school."

Giovanna Iannicelli, Teacher, St Mary's College. SA, AUSTRALIA

The Year 7 class at Westminster Preparatory School had a fantastic time... Students had the opportunity to design and create their own 3D object. This was a great way for them to learn about the design process from both concept to production. We believe this technology has a place in student learning and fits in nicely with the Australian Curriculum and many levels of primary education."

Jon Dyer, Preparatory ICT Teacher, Westminster School. SA, AUSTRALIA

I’ve been astounded at how much the students using (Makers Empire) have developed over the last 18 months. The kinds of design they’re doing now are very sophisticated. I give them a design brief and the extent to which they take it always surprises me. Its not just the level of detail – it’s their ability to create really complicated designs that require a lot of manipulation of the features. Using (Makers Empire) has really accelerated their learning.”

Kate Tyrwhitt, R-7 Visual Arts Teacher, St Michaels School. SA, AUSTRALIA

It was an absolute delight to have you work with my Foundation (5 year old) students. They're still talking about the experience! ... What you presented to the children was fantastic! Thank you for presenting an age appropriate and engaging lesson. The lesson was scaffolded to suit the needs of Foundation students and the students felt so proud to have independently designed their own dinosaur and key ring."

Sophia K, Teacher, Fulham North Primary School. SA, AUSTRALIA

With the Introduction of Digital Technologies into our Yr. 8 Learning program we looked extensively for a software program that was inclusive of all learning styles. The 3D design & printing app is brilliant in the way it allows students to start at a level that's suited to previous learning and nurtures their journey forward. The developed lesson plans can be delivered explicitly to the class or used as individual tutorials and we feel confident in the notion that we are addressing the ACARA performance standards."

Bill Kelton, Teacher, Victor Harbour High School. SA, AUSTRALIA

I have to say that our staff were genuinely impressed by the 3D design and printing workshop facilitated by Anthony from Makers Empire. The Makers Empire 3D printing iPad app exceeded our expectations. The design and creative elements of this software have been carefully designed to engage children while opening up numerous educational opportunities and learning experiences. We loved the Teacher Portal with its support, ideas and integration of the Australian Curriculum. A great way to expose our students to this rapidly emerging technology that will have a significant impact on all their lives and our own."

Stephen Corcoran, Director of Digital Learning, St Stephen’s. WA, AUSTRALIA

Students have been learning about creating stories and developing characters. The students designed a character on their iPads, which were then printed using the latest 3D printing technology. Together with their buddies from Scotch (College), the students videoed their stories using their 3D characters and backdrops as settings. The narratives that took place between the students as they created their stories were very entertaining.  It allowed the students to share ideas, develop vocabulary and use their imagination.”

Heather Pope, Head of Junior School, Presbyterian Ladies College. WA, AUSTRALIA

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