At Makers Empire, we’re privileged to work with 20,000+ teachers and 1+ million students in 40 countries. We love sharing your stories and videos, and we are thankful for all your feedback — positive and negative — which helps us build a better classroom product for you.

We’ve always been grateful to educators and administrators who recommend Makers Empire to their teaching colleagues, whether that’s within their own school or district, or beyond. It’s your word-of-mouth recommendations and support that have helped make Makers Empire what it is today. We know that winning your approval isn’t easy and we are glad that our EdTech products meet your high standards and help to make your classroom life a little easier.

As a way of thanking you for your support, we’re pleased to be introducing three referral programs that will reward both our customers and the schools they refer us to:

Thank you again for your support. Here’s to building a better Makers Empire for all teachers and students!

Makers Empire: Better Learning By Design

Makers Empire helps K-8 teachers teach Design Thinking, STEM and 21st-century learning skills using 3D printing. Our pioneering 3D solutions for schools include 3D modelling software, over 150 lesson plans aligned with international standards and professional development. With Makers Empire, engaged students learn how to solve real-world problems and make their world better.