Oceans of Trash Online Gallery

About the project

The Oceans of Trash Challenge Course is accessed through the Makers Empire App. Through purpose-made video content, students explore the importance of the world’s oceans to our planet’s health and learn about some of the issues impacting our oceans. Students respond to the video content by participating in in-app quizzes and design tutorials related to the information shared. The Challenge Course concludes with a design thinking project which challenges students to design a new invention for keeping our oceans clean and healthy.


St Anthony of Padua Catholic College

“The students were independent and self directed. They collaborated in giving each other feedback. The students were creative in their designs and they applied what they were learning to their designs,” Liesel, teacher. 

Oceans to Trash by AP2022Gren (Aryan Parekh)

These tubes send the rubbish to the people for them to recycle it. The propellers help it move. This tube sucks the rubbish into the machine and then the machine sends the rubbish up.

The Rubbish Fishy Mobile by Tamara2012 (Tamara Khattar)

The Scrapvuum by Leotar (Leo Lavcanski)