Mission to Mars: Teacher Guide

Thanks for joining us as we test our new Mission to Mars challenge! We greatly appreciate your experience and insights, your feedback helps us make Makers Empire better for teachers and students all around the world. To launch your Mission to Mars just follow the implementation guide below, or download the PDF guide to keep on hand.

Getting started with Makers Empire 3D (30 mins)

1. Log in to the Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard using the link which we emailed to you. (2 mins)

2. Follow the Getting Started steps to set up your class(es) and quickly familiarise yourself with the basics of the Makers Empire 3D design app. (25-30 mins)

NOTE: To ensure a smooth start to your first class with Makers Empire 3D, make sure that your class’ devices have the latest version of Makers Empire 3D installed before your first class starts.

lap top computer showing Makers Empire Teacher Dashbaord Getting Started guide

Lesson One – Learn the basics (40 mins)

The goal of our first lesson with your students is to get everyone logged in to Makers Empire 3D and to complete the Training Lab tutorials.

  1. Have your students open the Makers Empire 3D app and click on the big green Log In button, and then log in using their Makers Empire account details, QR code, or one of the Single Sign On (SSO) options; Google, Microsoft, Schoology, Clever or Apple. (3 mins)

  2. Students will be prompted to create an avatar, choose a username and, if you’re using SSO, enter a Class Code.

    You can find your Class Code underneath your class name in the Teacher Dashboard > Class Management > Classes. (5 mins)

  3. Once your student has an avatar, a username and a class, they will enter Maker World. The only unlocked area is Training Lab.

    Once inside the Training Lab, students will be prompted to complete ten Basic Training tutorials. These tutorials will teach them the basic 3D design tools, such as adding and moving shapes, changing colours and changing the view angle. (15-25 mins)

  4. Once students complete the Basic Training tutorials, the rest of Maker World will be open to them.

    Encourage students who complete Basic Training quickly to explore the rest of Makers Empire 3D app, or ask them to find a partner who might need a little help. (10 mins)

    NOTE: Try to steer them away from Challenge Central at this point. More on that next lesson…

Lesson Two – Mission to Mars (40 mins)

The goal of our second lesson is to introduce your students to the Mission to Mars challenge.

  1. Have your students log in to Makers Empire 3D. (2 mins)

  2. To begin the Mission to Mars, students need to go into Challenge Central. Before they do, please explain that they should take their time and try their best – it’s not a race. (2 mins)

  3. Once your student enters Challenge Central they will see a path of sequential challenges. There are four kinds of challenges:
    • Video – learn more about Mars
    Quiz Time – test your new Mars knowledge
    Pro Training – follow along to get design pointers from the pros
    Design Challenge – apply your knowledge and design skills to solve a problem

    Simply click on the first challenge “Introduction” to begin and let your students progress at their own pace for the rest of the lesson. (25-30 mins)

  1. End the lesson by asking the students for their first impressions of Mission to Mars. What did they like? What was challenging? What would they like to see more or less of? (5 mins)
laptop computer showing Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard Class Progress Report

Next Steps (15 mins)

You’ve already set up your classes and helped your students log in, learn the basics of 3D design and started applying their new found skills to solve real problems – well done!

In conjunction with the new Mission to Mars challenge path for students, we’ve created an improved way for teachers to monitor students’ progress.

  1. Log in to your Teacher Dashboard and use the menu on the left to go to Class Management > Challenge Path Reports. (2 mins)

  2. You should be able to see your class’ progress on a color-coded table. Please take some time to explore the page and familiarise yourself with the functionality. (10 mins)

NOTE: If the table is blank, make sure that you have ‘starred’ the relevant class.

Feedback (15 mins)

Once your students have completed their second lesson and started on the Mission to Mars challenge path, and you’ve had a chance to review the Challenge Path Reports page, please complete the Mission to Mars teacher survey to tell us all about it. (15 mins)


You can complete the trial with as many or few students as you wish. This could mean your whole class, a smaller group of students, or more than one class.

We provide a range of log-in options to suit individual needs. These include username/passwords, QR code log-ins or single sign-on with Google, Microsoft, Schoology, Clever and Apple.

Further information is available in the links below:

How do I create new student accounts?

How do I log in to the Makers Empire 3D app?

How can we login using a QR code?

We expect that the student component of the trial will take about 60-90 minutes of lesson time. The 2×40 minute lessons is a guideline only, and you are welcome to adjust the lesson length to suit your timetable and student needs. We are asking that your students complete the first 6 activities in the Mission to Mars Challenge Path for this trial. We encourage you to complete more of the activities with your students if time and interest allow.

We are initially asking you to trial the Mission to Mars challenge path with your students. We expect that this trial will require:

  • 1x 30 minutes preparation/setting up
  • 2 x 40 minute lessons
  • 1 x 30 minutes feedback survey

You are asked to complete this testing and feedback survey by December 18th 2020.

After you have completed the Mission to Mars trial with your students you are welcome to continue using Makers Empire 3D with your students for the remainder of the six months. This is our way of saying thank you for providing feedback and helping us improve. During the six months you’ll be able to access the full suite of in-app tools, missions and competitions in Makers Empire. 

The Makers Empire 3D design app for students is available online for download and can be installed on almost any device they are using at home or school.

Download Makers Empire 3D

Teachers can monitor their students progress, leave feedback anytime, assess student work and access other resources via the Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard. The Teacher Dashboard is accessed via web browser, all you need is an internet connection.

The content in the Mission to Mars challenge path has been  written specifically to address Design and Technology curricula from around the world, including UK National Curriculum, Next Generation Science Standards, and the Australian Curriculum. 

Although not explicitly aligned to other curriculum areas, the content included is especially relevant to the Earth and Space strand of the Australian Science Curriculum.

Yes absolutely.

Teachers can easily add other teachers to Makers Empire – there is no special admin access required.

We just ask that you share the instructions that we have emailed to you and that all teachers complete the trials and provide feedback by December 18th, 2020.

Learn more at the link below:

How do I add or remove teachers?

Makers Empire does not require any admin access. All teachers have the same level of access to keep it simple for schools to use.

Yes, but each school will need its own Makers Empire account. Please let us know and we’ll set this up so that you can access both school accounts from one Teacher Dashboard account.

Makers Empire 3D includes a text-to-speech feature enabling all instructions in-app text to be listened to, as well as read. Just look for the turquoise speaker icon.

Makers Empire can be used with Mac IOS, iPad, iPhone, Windows and Android devices.

For extra help with Chrome Books, please see the link below:

How do I install Makers Empire 3D on my Chromebooks?

No, a 3D printer is not necessary to participate. The Mission to Mars challenge path involves 3D design challenges that do not have to be 3D printed. 

Yes, it is usually a straight forward process.

The following installation guides may help in some cases:

Installing Makers Empire 3D on Chromebooks

Installing Makers Empire 3D on Windows

If you or your IT team need any additional help installing the Makers Empire 3D app, please contact us, or click the help icon on the bottom right of your screen to send us a message.