Makers Empire Legends | Student Ambassador Program

Makers Empire’s new Ambassador Program for Students — Makers Empire Legends — celebrates innovative and inspiring K-8 students who are using Makers Empire in engaging and creative ways.

We’re looking for students who:

  • Demonstrate exceptional Design Thinking skills;
  • Achieve high-quality designs using Makers Empire 3D;
  • Are an expert resource on Makers Empire at their school;
  • Are able to write/talk/present confidently about their designs; and
  • Want to share their experience of Makers Empire with the world!

If you know a student who fits this profile and your school is a Makers Empire subscriber, we’d love to hear from you!

Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you soon. Should your student be accepted, the information provided will form the basis of a ‘Meet the Maker’ profile about your student on the Makers Empire website.

Please download the Meet the Maker profile for your student to complete as part of their nomination. This will then be used to create a ‘Meet the Maker’ profile of your student on the Makers Empire website.

Before submitting photos or videos of your student, please ensure you have your student’s parents consent. You can use our photography release/consent form if necessary.

Being a Makers Empire Legend is to be acknowledged as an awesome designer and an expert in Makers Empire.