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Welcome to 3D

Curriculum Level:
Suitable for all levels

In this short introductory challenge path students will learn about the basics .

How do I assign this challenge for my students?

ipad shwoing 3d design tutorial in makers Empire 3D app




1. Students will learn about key terminology & concepts used in 3D design.

2. Students will learn the basic tools required to make a 3D design.

3. Students will consider a design brief and follow instructions to create a printable 3D product.

Challenges in this course: 6

  1. Welcome to 3D Space 1 (video)
    A quick introduction to to thinking and speaking in 3D.

  2. Welcome to 3D Space 2 (quiz)
    Let’s find out how much you know about 3D space. Ready?

  3. Double Scoop (pro-training)
    Hungry Hank will teach you how to make a delicious double scoop ice-cream cone with just three simple shapes!

  4. Tag It! (video)
    Tags help us keep track of our belongings and can also express something about our personality.

  5. Cool Tags (pro-training)
    Tags are super useful, and they’re a fun and easy project to start with!

  6. Uniquely YOU (design challenge)
    Design a name tag that is as unique as you are!