Makers Empire 3D – new features + bug fixes

Update: this post was written in 2017. See What’s New to keep up with the latest updates to Makers Empire 3D. 


New features:

– We’ve added our most requested feature – GROUPING! Add individual shapes into a group and rotate, scale, shear, mirror or copy them as if they were a single shape. This will save you a lot of painful design time!

Watch the grouping video:


New shape controls. Now the controls will show on whichever side of the shape you’re looking at, which simplifies them a lot and also allows a much greater range of shape customization. We think it’s a huge improvement!

– We’ve put a lot of work into our class login page, and it now looks much better and is simpler to use.

Reduced memory usage on older devices

Fixed a very rare case where you could lose your design data.

– Other minor bug fixes.

23 October, 2017: we’ve released a new version — Makers Empire 3D 3.7.3 — with extra features and bug fixes.


HOW-TO VIDEOS added to challenges and competitions. Watch them if you’re stuck or need some inspiration!

Helpbot 3000 added to your profile! He’s ready to answer any questions you have about Makers Empire 3D.

If you’ve got a Product Key, you can now choose to get STL files directly in the app (or via email as before).

A reminder to update your software when a new version is released – you’ll never get left behind again!

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