Make your mark!

At Makers Empire, we love helping children reach their full potential so they can ‘Make their Mark’! This is a vision shared by FableVision‘s co-founder Peter H. Reynolds, (and author of the book The Dot) and Dr. Radha Kalathil. As special guests at Boston’s Dot Day 2015 festivities, Peter and Dr. Radha designed their very first 3D dot using Makers Empire 3D design app! This unique dot design can now be 3D printed and kept forever. You too can 3D print FableVision’s “collabora-dot” which features the initials “PR” for “Peter & Radha”. (Download the 3D design here: FableVision’s Collabora Dot ). See how you can ‘Make your Mark’ in 3D with Peter and Dr. Radha!

IMG_5239 - 640 x 426

IMG_5242 - 640 x 426

IMG_5257 - 640 x 426

IMG_5248 - 640 x 426

IMG_5267 - 640 x 426

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