How Living Word Shanghai students use 3D printing to design real-world solutions

Looking for new classroom ideas for 3D printing? Students at Living Word Shanghai identify real world problems around them to make the world a better place!

Tammy Wang, Living World Shanghai School Grade 5 & 6 Program Director, explains, “We wanted the students to observe their world from their perspective and look for everyday problems society faced and then design a product to solve it. Importantly the students learnt skills in the design process which they can now apply to tackle future problems.”

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The students were tasked with the goal of designing items to help create a cleaner, healthier, safer and more beautiful world. Let’s see what the students at Living Word Shanghai came up with!

Medical Innovation – It’s not always easy seeing a doctor to check your health, but with these ‘super glasses’ you can be like superman and can check if food is harmful before you eat it, check your body is in health and access your body health signs. Comes with an app you can download!

Makers Empire - Living Word Shanghai - super glasses
Makers Empire - Living Word Shanghai - speeding car catcher

Traffic Safety – We all know how dangerous speeding cars can be. Here a student designs a ‘speeding car catcher’ where if a car is found speeding, a robot automatically comes down from the sky and lifts it out of traffic – keeping other cars safe!

Pet Care – Pets are wonderful family members and sometimes we just can’t take them with us and need them looked after. You are going to need this student’s ‘Pet Nanny’. While you are away, the ‘Pet Nanny’ will feed and hydrate your pet everyday by placing food and water from the container and dropping into the bowl below. Your pet won’t go hungry while you are away!

Makers Empire - Living Word Shanghai - pet nanny

Speedy Cosmetics – It can be difficult to always look your best when you are busy but with the ‘Makeuptics’ it can put make up on your face very quickly and use the right makeup suitable for you. For those who struggle to apply makeup themselves, the ‘makeuptics’ will do all the applying work for you!

Makers Empire - Living Word Shanghai - makeuptics
Makers Empire - Living Word Shanghai - binic

Trash Monster- Sometimes trash on the road does not find its way to a bin or a it can pile up and become a health risk. Here a student designs the ‘Binic’ which can pick up trash on the side of the road and ‘digest it’ and the others it can be picked up by a cleaner.

It won’t be long now that great ideas such as the ‘Pet Nanny’, the ‘speeding car catcher’ and the ‘super glasses’ will become a reality. We can thank students at Living Word Shanghai for bringing us one step closer to a better tomorrow!

If you have any projects you would like to share with the Makers Empire community please email us at Sharing ideas from students and schools across the globe is a great way to learn!

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