ISA International School Guangzhou Makers Empire first lighthouse school in Guangzhou

Nestled in Guangzhou’s famous Redtory Arts complex is ISA International School Guangzhou. The school enjoys extended days from 8:30am to 5:00pm allowing students to enjoy a full enriched curriculum including sports, musical instruments and extra-curriculum. The school has also strengthened their unique creative and innovative environment in the Redtory Arts complex, by providing students the opportunity to utilize design and 3D printing in the classroom. ISA International School of Guangzhou is Makers Empire’s first Lighthouse School in Guangzhou China.

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(L-R) Gabriele Hogg Head of Primary, Elaine Whelen Head of School
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Students have already participated in Professor Garfield’s spaghetti utensil design competition and here we see students designing a bridge. Students were challenged to create a new bridge perhaps wild weather necessitated a new bridge or even compete with Guangzhou’s famous Liede bridge. In designing their new bridge student were asked to consider the different variables and needs of their bridges: who will use the bridge, what kind of platform will it require, what kind of mounts, strength and material to be used, any safety needs.

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Elaine Whelen Head of School said, “Our students study key concepts and discover knowledge of the world around them through an enquiry-driven approach to learning. Design and 3D printing with Makers Empire will help support our students develop important skills such as design thinking, problem solving and critical analysis.”

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Being at the central creativity at the Redtory Factory, we can not wait to see the innovation students at ISA International School Guangzhou will bring to the world!

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