Interview with a Makers Empire Student Designer: Meet 10Y0 @twrig111

At Makers Empire, we’re constantly thrilled to see the incredible designs primary and middle schools students can create with our easy to use but powerful 3D design software. In this new series, we’ll be profiling some of our amazing student designers.

Today we’re happy to be interviewing the 10YO designer, Tomo, behind the Makers Empire account, @twrig111, who lives in Queensland, Australia. We’ve previously interviewed Tomo and his teacher dad about how they use Makers Empire in the classroom and at home. 

You can check out Tomo’s custom 3D printing business, Tech Wright. As he says, “When I was 7 (2018) I spent my pocket money on a 3d printer. I wanted to start a business selling the models I love printing.”‘

What do you like about Makers Empire

“I can design something amazing that I feel proud of and that people like”… “it helps me turn my ideas into real things.” 

How has Makers Empire helped you?

“There are things I learned through Makers Empire that I couldn’t have imagined before… Makers Empire has encouraged me to draw more and to be more creative. I can also design things, print them and sell them. It has really opened my eyes.”

Which designs are you most proud of?

  1. Dream Tree House because it’s colours match and it’s detailed. 
  2. Boba Fett Costume because I was able to create my favourite character.
  3. Star Wars Lightsaber because it gave me a chance to express my skills for designing.”

Which Makers Empire designers do you admire?

  1. @jacob2019 because he’s my best friend at school and it’s amazing that he can design by my side.
  2. @Jwrig318 because he’s good at designing and he’s my dad. 
  3. @Ahnmaros because she/he makes some of the most detailed designs I’ve ever seen.”
Thanks, Tomo. We look forward to sharing more interviews with student designers over the coming months.


Bonus: Create a treehouse like Tomo

Inspired by Tomo’s designs? Watch this video created by Tomo and follow along with the step-by-step instructions  to create your very own Treehouse using Makers Empire.  

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