Interview with a Makers Empire Student Designer: Meet 12YO @Aykaa

Students use Makers Empire to create 100,000+ new designs every single day and we’re constantly blown away by the incredible designs primary, elementary and middle schools students can create with our easy to use but powerful 3D design software.

At Makers Empire, we love seeing the latest and hottest designs in our global design gallery. In this ongoing series, we profile some of our wonderful student designers. Today we’re happy to be interviewing the talented 12YO designer behind the Makers Empire account, @aykaa, who lives in South Australia.

How would you describe Makers Empire?

 Makers Empire is a community of students from all around the world who can create and display their designs and ideas.

What do you like about Makers Empire?

I like how my ideas that I have can come to life in Makers Empire and people can see my ideas and be inspired.

How has Makers Empire helped you?

It really does help me be more creative because one of the things I love about Makers Empire is the gallery where you can see other designs. A lot of my designs have some inspiration from other designs as well. Makers Empire has taught me to think more creatively or more outside the box especially in competitions where it gets me asking myself “What else can I add?” or “What if I changed this?.” My favourite thing to do in Makers Empire is just simply creating designs and thinking outside of the box.

Which designs are you most proud of?

1. Moving Family- I won the September competition with this design. I feel very accomplished about this design. 

2. The CrossBot – it is one of my most detailed designs and the design I have spent time working on. It is one of my designs that I am most proud of. 

3. Angel Cat Cupcake – I have gotten the most views and likes on this simple, yet, favored design. I have gotten most of my followers and views from this design and is where I started meeting new people.

Which other Makers Empire designers do you admire?

@Hunter555 (now @TheCatKing) he created his own “cat-themed business” and was my first follower. He has supported me in my journey through Makers Empire and led me to other people I have met here.

@Unikity Emmy is also very artistic and has detailed character designs.

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