Interview with a Makers Empire Student Designer: Meet 11YO @chocodonut31

At Makers Empire, we love seeing the latest and hottest designs in our global design gallery. Students use Makers Empire to create 100,000+ new designs every single day and we’re constantly blown away by the incredible designs primary, elementary and middle schools students can create with our easy to use but powerful 3D design software

In this new series, we profile some of our wonderful student designers. Today we’re happy to be interviewing the talented 11YO designer behind the Makers Empire account, @chocodonut31 who lives in Sydney, Australia. Her colourful and eye-catching designs never fail to make us smile. We also love the designs she create that showcase Australian culture – see some examples above – as well as the more elaborate scenes and scenarios she creates using food, animals and people. 

How would you describe Makers Empire?

A very fun and creative app that lets you use your imagination in any shape or size.

What do you like about Makers Empire?

I like that there is no limit to the amount of designs you can make, you can use 2 shapes and form them into the shape you want, there are daily challenges and you can delete any bad comments on your own design.

How has Makers Empire helped you?

Makers Empire allows me to use my abilities and make designs relying on whatever thoughts pop up in my head. You can literally design anything on Makers Empire. Makers Empire helped me grow as a person because it improved my drawing skills and imagination. For example, when I designed ‘The Simpsons’ I needed to draw the shapes that match the characters’ looks, and that helped me with my drawing skills needed at school and in my own time.

Which designs are you most proud of?

1. Space Rocket – This Space Rocket design was inspired by space and how the universe works. I also think if kids look at this design, it will inspire them to learn more about our earth and the galaxy and maybe one day they can really get involved in space science. 
2. The AMAZING world of GUMBALL – My Amazing World of Gumball design was inspired by the really popular kids TV show, The Amazing World of Gumball. When I was younger, I loved watching that show, so I thought, why not make a design of The Amazing World Of Gumball, and I did.

3. Among Us Menu #2 – This Among Us Menu #2 was inspired by the popular game, Among Us. This is a really fun game and I saw that Among Us was also getting around Makers Empire so I made this Among Us homepage design and it got really popular.

Which Makers Empire designers do you admire?

1. I admire VikingPrincessJazmine’s designs because they are very detailed and appropriate. I like that she uses the right amount of shapes to build her design.


2. I admire Ahnmaros because he/she makes really beautiful historical designs and are inspirational to see.


3. I admire CLEVER= INTELLIGENT because he/she again has really detailed and beautiful designs that have balance in colour and shapes. 

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