Interview with a Makers Empire Student Designer: Meet 10YO @Tancamcm

The global design gallery in Makers Empire is a wonderful showcase of the creativity of students, who use Makers Empire to create 100,000+ new designs every single day. We’re constantly thrilled to discover new designer and to see the type of designs that primary, elementary and middle schools students can create with our easy to use but powerful 3D design software.

In this series, we profile some of our talented student designers. Today we’re happy to be interviewing the creative 10YO designer behind the Makers Empire account, @Tansamcm who lives in Sydney, Australia. She makes vivid and eye-catching designs that are often inspired by books, games, movies and TV shows and popular Starbucks drinks. 

How would you describe Makers Empire?

Makers Empire is a creative and imaginative platform where you can make your dreams come to life.

What do you like about Makers Empire?

I like how you can pick so many advanced options of blocks and tools to create anything your heart desires., 

How has Makers Empire helped you?

Makers Empire helps me improve my creativity and helps me express myself in a confident way. I have become more confident and I can express myself through my creativity. I have learned how to sharpen my imagination in the key area of planning, designing, narrative skills, time management and video editing.

Which designs are you most proud of and why?

 1. The Gingerbread House was inspired by Hansel and Gretel because it looked colorful and yummy.
2. The Hogwarts Castle was inspired by Harry Potter because it looked mysterious and I love the Harry Potter movies and books.

3. The Sydney Opera House was inspired by the real-life one in Australia. Since I live in Sydney I have been visiting the Sydney Opera House since I was 2 years old and I love the place and its surroundings.

Which Makers Empire designers/designs do you admire?

1. Japanese- Style Room by @Issythepotato. I like it because of how realistic, unique and beautiful it looks. 

2. Super Smash Bros-Pit by @Digital Hourglass. I like it because it is really detailed and unique.


3.  Mini Castle Home by @VikingPrincessJazmine. I like it because she is one of my favourite creators whose designs are very detailed, beautiful and unique.

Bonus: watch tutorials made by @tansamcm

@Tansamcm has made video tutorials of her Gingerbread House and Valentine’s Day Starbucks Drink designs for the Makers Empire Video Room in the Training Lab within the Makers Empire 3D design app. Watch her videos for a step-by-step tutorial showing you exactly how she made these great designs.  

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