Immanuel College exploring possibilities of 3D printing

Makers Empire Immanuel College Students with 3D printed designs

Late last year, Immanuel College in South Australia began teaching Makers Empire’s cutting edge 3D design and printing app and Learning Program to its year seven students, giving them an innovative way to learn, design and manufacture.

Makers Empire Immanuel College Students design and 3D printing

With its own Advanced Manufacturing Trade Training Centre and involvement in the annual Pedal Prix competition, Immanuel College has a strong history of being at the forefront of school education in terms of manufacturing.

Makers Empire Immanuel College Students design and 3D printing

In the past, if you wanted to get an item manufactured, chances are that you would have to order a large quantity at a low price. If you wanted to order a small quantity this would be at a very high unit cost because the setup cost to make a few units is similar to the cost of making many.

Nowadays, if you want to create just one item you don’t have to rely on mass production processes: 3D design and printing gives everyone the capability to produce customised items specific to their needs.

Year 7 students at Immanuel College watching one of their 3D printers in action

Aware of the importance that 3D printing is currently playing in manufacturing, and the almost limitless possibilities of this technology, Immanuel College was keen to introduce 3D printing to its students. Because the Makers Empire 3D design app and Learning Program was specifically designed for and tested by by school teachers and students and aligned to the Australian curriculum, it’s uniquely positioned to deliver a teaching experience with significant learning outcomes.

Makers Empire Immanuel College Students design and 3D printing

The students learned how 3D printing compared with traditional manufacturing techniques and how they could quickly create their own 3D objects in a matter of moments.

As no CAD or special technical knowledge is required to use the Makers Empire app, teachers and students could focus on the skills and learning outcomes of the design and production process and its application in the real world.

Mike Cuevas from Immanuel College commented, “The Makers Empire app allows students with no prior CAD experience the opportunity to jump straight in and start creating 3 dimensional objects. Within minutes a student can create their own unique design. In conjunction with 3D printing, students can also quickly see their designs as tangible objects – which always makes the design process that more fun!”

Makers Empire Immanuel College Students design and 3D printing

Lap Leung from Makers Empire commented, “Immanuel College has first-class facilities for their students with their Advanced Manufacturing Trade Training Centre, with not just one but a variety of 3D printers that their students can use.”

“Makers Empire was delighted to provide year seven students with their first experience of design and 3D printing using our Makers Empire Learning Program. The skills and knowledge gained from our workshop will help students take on more sophisticated tasks that will enable them to utilise the full range of equipment and tools available to them at the school’s Advanced Manufacturing Trade Centre,” he said.

Makers Empire Immanuel College Students design and 3D printing

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