How West Lakes Shore PS Students Solve Sustainability Issues with Design Thinking

Wondering how to use 3D printing and Design Thinking as authentic teaching tools in a primary, elementary or middle school environment? Be inspired by students from a school in Australia who used them to help solve multiple sustainability issues within the school community.

West Lakes Shore Primary School was one of almost 50 South Australian schools who took part in the second phase of the Department of Education (SA)’s 3D Printing in Schools Project that ran in semester one this year.

As part of this project, grade 5-7 students were tasked with using Design Thinking to identify and solve a real-world need or problem within their school to do with sustainability. After researching their school community, the students didn’t find just one thing they could improve – they found several! So they narrowed down the needs they identified to a few select ones and created practical solutions using Makers Empire and 3D printing.

Watch the school-made video to see how these Australian school students became real-life designers, problem solvers and inventors.

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