How to make a chocolate mould using Makers Empire 3D (VIDEO)

The Makers Empire Learning Development team love coming up with new ways to use 3D printing to teach K-8 students valuable STEM, design thinking and 21st-century skills.

This new lesson plan is sure to be a winner – who wouldn’t want to make their own custom chocolate mold?

Watch the step by step video guide: Makers Empire’s ‘Chocolate Mould’ 3D Printing Lesson Plan and see how easy it is to integrate 3D printing into your teaching practise in an engaging way while ensuring you’re achieving curriculum-aligned learning outcomes.

Hot tip 1: if you can’t use chocolate why not use water and measuring cups and make ice cubes?

Hot tip 2: make sure you use food-grade Dd printing filament and practice proper food safety. Check out 12 Vital Facts about food safety and 3d printing for more information.

This lesson plan is available to K-8 schools that purchase a Makers Empire subscription, which also includes a teacher’s dashboard to easily manage students’ work, 150+ curriculum-aligned lesson plans (100+ hours), professional development and analytics.

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