How Grade 5 Students at The Scots College Solve Natural Disaster Problems

Makers Empire - The Scots College - Will W & Owen 3D Printing Design - 600 x 450
Students at Scots College are using Makers Empire 3D: Schools learning program to investigate ways to solve real life problems. For example, Grade 5 students at the school carried out a series of inquiry based investigations and experiments during their Science/HSIE unit on ‘natural disasters’. The students identified types of natural disasters and explored the common problems and issues they caused. The Cumulative Task then required them to design a solution to a problem caused by the natural disaster of their choice, using the research they had conducted into its human and environmental impacts. They then 3D printed some amazing disaster solutions. This was the full Cumulative Task:
Makers Empire - The Scots College - Cumulative Task Natuarl Disasters
Below, one of the students, Patrick, has created a diagram to show his analysis of his chosen natural disaster — floods — and his identification of the need for access to fresh water. You can see that he has designed a filtered water tank with pipes to connect to the family home. He has also printed a model of his designed solution so that we can see what it looks like in 3D!
Makers Empire - The Scots College - 3D Printing Project Year 5
United Nations and Red Cross: look no further. Your future natural disaster and emergency services leaders are here!
Makers Empire - The Scots College - Scott Harry1 3D Printing Design - 600 x 450
As you can see from this example, Makers Empire is creating unprecedented opportunities for authentic learning in the classroom. By empowering students with the gift of design and printing in 3D, Makers Empire is helping to create a new generation of problem solvers and makers. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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