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GE Additive Education Program 2018 – 2019


Accepting applications from schools for 3D printers and education tools


GE believes giving students access to additive technologies will help accelerate the adoption of advanced manufacturing worldwide. That’s why GE is investing $10 million over the next five years in educational programs aimed at developing future additive talent.  It’s all part of GE’s passion for improving student outcome and introducing future generations to new technologies.

In 2017-18 over 400 schools received GE funding, and in 2018-19 that is set to expand to xxxx schools.

Program Details

Under the GE Additive Education Program for Primary and Secondary Schools (“GE Program”), each participating school will receive a 3D schools package for making consisting of the following:

  • Full license/access to GE Sponsored STEAMtrax Curricula for life of the Program
  • Membership in the GE Program Group
  • Eligible to participate in GE Program Challenges
  • Special Programming, including weekly GE Program Webinars & Training
  • Premium Support including dedicated account management
  • Analytics on your School’s Activities and GE Program Aggregated Data


  • Two 3D printers Polar Cloud enabled
  • Integrated with Google Classroom and accessible via any browser
  • 12 Rolls of filament (6 for each 3D printer)
  • Full warranty coverage
  • Full STEAMtrax License during the duration of the Program
  • STEAMtrax Kit Tinkering with Turbines

  • Full access to Makers Empire during the duration of the Program
  • Including Makers Empire 3D design software
  • Makers Empire aligned curriculum lesson plans
  • Online professional development training
  • Makers Empire competitions and challenges
  • Analytics




To qualify for the GE Additive Education Program for 2018-2019, schools will have to go through two steps. The first step requires you to register your interest for the GE Program. Schools that are eligible will be invited to step two of the application process.


Application Process – Step 1

DEADLINE: xxxxx xx 2018


Application Process – Step 2

DEADLINE: xxxxx xx 2018

Congratulations on making it to the final round of the GE selection process. There are two parts to Step 2, the written application, and student participation in the 3D design challenge. Final applications will be judged on both Part A and Part B. 

Part A: Written Application

Teacher Info

Lead teacher name and email

Teacher role

Phone number

Names of other teachers at your school who will be using 3D Printing & Design

Email addresses of other teachers


School info 

School name

School address

How many students are in your school?

What grades does your school cover?

Are you a part of a district/network, if so which one?

Are you applying for other schools within your district?

Does your school have 3D printers?

What technology do the students have access to?

What computer devices are the students using?

Number of students at your school you would like to have access to 3D printing and design?

How would you rate your 3D printing and design experience?


Goals and objectives

What would having the GE program mean for your school?

How would you plan to implement 3D printing and design (ok if not sure)?

How often would the students have access to the technology?

What subjects do you think you could integrate 3D printing and design into?

Does your school have funds to continue 3D printing & design after the first year of the GE program?


Part B: 3D Design challenge

The 3D Design challenge is FREE to participate in, and gives students a chance try their hand at designing in 3D. Once set up, students can design with limited instruction from the teachers.

Teachers will receive specific step by step guides as to how help their students 3D design and participate.

A school’s success in the challenge will be based on four categories

  • Number of students who participated
  • Number of designs created
  • Quality of designs created
  • Teacher achievements completed

There are 3 Design challenges available for teachers to choose from based on grade levels.


Grades K-2 –  Bubbles Wand Grades 3-8 – Amazing Maze  Grades 9-12 – Future Transport




Click here for instructions



Click here for instructions



Click here for instructions

During the 3D Design Challenge, teachers have the opportunity to learn about:

  • 3D printers
  • 3D design programs
  • Makers spaces
  • Getting your class ready for 3D design and printing
  • Integrating 3D design and printing into the curriculum
  • Design thinking process and project based learning

As teacher’s complete the various activities, they will unlock achievement badges showing which areas they have learnt about. Not only will these be invaluable to teachers, but also boost their 3D Design Challenge success!


Unlock Teacher Achievement Badges


Good luck, and you will be able to reach out to ……… if you have any questions or need help.  Teachers and students aren’t expected to complete every element of the design challenge, the goal is just to do the best you can!


Submissions for Part A – Written Application have to be submitted by Xxxx Xxxx 2018.

Submissions for Part B – 3D Design Challenge – Student designs will be automatically submitted once the accounts have been set up and linked. No more new designs will accepted after Xxxx Xxxx 2018.